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Mobile access to accounting data
Offer tailored to company needs
Punctuality, reliability, flexibility.


Nowadays, business appreciates reliable, predictable partners more and more with whom relations can be established for a longer period of time. In order to meet these expectations the e-Bros accounting office provides accounting and consulting services at the highest level, which is measured best by the mutual satisfaction and long-lasting cooperation with our customers. We are constantly observing the business environment which is changing as well as monitoring the needs and expectations of our customers. We adjust our offer to meet the challenges and expectations as a result of these observations. We introduced many improvements in respect to e-accounting - we resigned from paper invoices, we use e-mail communication and we introduced a portal with on-line access to accounting data.


Send Us documents in two ways: by email or web page

From the date of 01.06.2016 we launched the ability to upload documents via an external web applications or by email. Since that time we have become Online Accounting Office


On 16.05.2017, we launched the INVOICES module for our clients.

  • Everyone has the ability to issue an invoice or account in both PLN and foreign currencies.
  • The added advantage is the ability to define your own templates, add logos and also create invoice cycles.
  • The module allows you to send an invoice via email in a pdf file directly to the customer.

We provide services for companies which value high quality and professionalism as well as focus on long-term relationships - just like we do. The e-Bros accounting office always has a “tailor-made” offer in order to meet all the accounting needs of the customer. Our activities enable cost optimization and improve performance. Time is money and we do the work entrusted to us in a timely manner, thus providing our customers with the opportunity for tax optimization.


The e-Bros accounting office means easier operation in the sphere of domestic and international business.


The impossible we do at once; the miraculous takes a little longer”

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